A Powerful Book That Could Save The Life Of Someone You Love

Patient safety has long been one of our nation’s most challenging health care issues. Medical errors are both common and often completely preventable. Patients and their advocates understand the importance of taking a proactive role in their health care and are coming to the realization that they are powerful, yet untapped safety and quality resources.


A decade of caring for a critically ill child and another 15 years of patient safety and advocacy efforts have convinced me that access to even a small amount of information at the right time can completely transform a health care experience. Even as an educated health care provider, I struggled at the bedside to keep my child safe from harm.

Being prepared in advance with information, skills, and confidence goes a long way in supporting successful health care outcomes. The patient voice, so long excluded from improvement efforts, is the key to meaningful progress in building health care systems that are safe, effective, and compassionate.

Our goal is to raise public awareness about patient safety and quality issues. The Empowered Patient was the genesis of a united effort to inform, educate, and engage patients.

We believe, against all odds, that the voice of one person can make a real difference.  And when that one voice is added to the sustained efforts of others who share our journey, the world can change.